Friday, April 11, 2008

Mermaid done


Undaunted said...

She looks fantastic!

Could you tell me a bit more about the firing process? Like:

How do you know what temperature to use?
How long do you fire a piece for?
How do you apply the glaze?
Do you have to let the glaze dry before you refire?
And then are the firing temperatures and times the same as the first time round?

I'm sorry I have so many questions! I had a dream last night that I fired my clay piece and when I took it out it fell to pieces! I felt awful because it's supposed to be a gift!

painter girl said...

Hey UnD,
I make stoneware which is a high temperature firing process. After the piece is bone dry, I fire it to cone 08 which is around 1700 degrees F.
The I glaze the piece with a high fire glaze that I usually make myself(although I do use one commercial glaze that I love love love.)
Then after the glaze takes around a day for all the water to evaporate...I load it back in the kiln for a final firing. This firing goes up to cone 6 which is around 2200 degrees F.
The bisque firing...or the first firing takes about 7 hours.
The glaze firing takes almost 10 hours.
The way to tell what temperature to go up to depends on the clay that you are using. It should say on the box what cone the clay goes to.
Look up the Orton Cone Chart on the internet to see what cone relates to what temp.
Then you will know what you are to fire to.
I hope all this helps!

Undaunted said...

Thank you Leanne, I hope you don't mind me asking so many questions, I just find it all so fascinating.

Connie said...

This is a super cool blog too!! Do you teach?

Peace & Love.

Leslie said...

Cool Mermaid! Just noticed you have 2 blogs and I never came to this one before. Thanks for you sweet comment on my site and I am going to try and see if you have followers on your 2 sites and will click to add myself-please do the same on mine if you will-if not that's ok too!

I took several handbuilding and a few wheel classes here where I live. I have a BFA from VCU in Painting and Printmaking and never really got a chance to try clay, but like I mentioned I did take several classes a couple years ago and just loved working with it! I might think about doing that again soon-you've inspired me!



Stunning blog, thanks!